Is it worth it?

Is upgrading 3.5 to 3.8 worth it just yet? It seems to have some issues that need to be worked out like the detection rate, memory usage, and a few other tweaks. So I was wondering if it might be best to wait a little bit first. Please answer honestly (IE: no fanboy propaganda).

Memory is my only concern.

Is your computer and software worth protecting? Yes, it is worth it. :slight_smile:

I’m not noticing any perfomance hit after upgrading.

But then again I have 8Gb of RAM installed so people could hijack and spy on my PC without me noticing (:NRD). But I don’t think the new CIS is a performance hitter really.

Personally i don’t think so…not yet anyway…my opinion only but i have it installed and apparently it is detecting everything as Heur.Packed.Unknown in my system 32 folder and this happened when i tried to install BOClean?..go figure?..then it started detecting 12 other Heur.Packed.Unknowns…so i quarantined them all just in case but can’t do anything with them in the quarantine?..a little help please… :THNK

I haven’t noticed any performance hit, and if anything, it’s using less memory than 3.5.

For me, I think it was worth the upgrade because I couldn’t do virus scans with 3.5. It seriously took 4 1/2 hours to scan my system. 3.8 took 48 minutes. Quite an improvement if you ask me. As for the false positives, it only grabbed 3 on my system, so I didn’t find that too bad.