Is it still advisable to surf the internet on a normal windows user-account?

Dear Commodo-community,
on my new laptop i have only one windows-account and it has admin-rights. On my other computers i used to have always two windows-accounts, one normal user-account for daily use, browsing the internet and a windows admin-account to install programms and maintain the system. My friends told me for years that there is no need to do so and many problems came up due to that practise. So now i wonder if i should create a admin account and reduce the rights from my current account to only user-rights, or if there is no need anymore in windows 10 to do so.

As long as UAC is not disabled, and you are careful with what you allow to run as administrator, you can keep using your administrator account. Most applications (including browsers) run as user anyway.

It was different before Windows Vista.

Thank you for your kind answer. What is the UAC? Is that that part of windows always asking for permission? i didn’t disable anything like that.

Yes, UAC is User Account Control, which asks you whenever an applications wants to run as administrator.

Thank you very much, have a nice day!

I would just like to add that it would be advisable to make sure that your UAC setting is set to the highest setting ‘Always notify’.

This makes sure that you are always notified (unless a privilege escalation exploit is used) when a windows setting is about to be changed by an application.

More reading on why the highest level is advised here: