Is it safer to install an antivirus software from another provider?

Comodo’s antivirus software brings a weak performance as has been postet here often and i.e. here:

Published on: December 8, 2022

Comodo … antivirus for Windows …it?s not very good…Comodo?s virus scanner only detected 93% of the malware samples I?d hidden on my test PC. In comparison, most top competitors (like Norton and Bitdefender) detected 100% of malware samples.

Or is firewall + secure shopping/virtuel desktop still a protection with which you can feel safe? Or is it recommendable to additionally use an another antivirus software from another provider instead of comodo’s antivir? No problems by now? By now!

Cybercriminals are more and more a risk for companies

Hackers copy rootkits from GitHub, and these programs and paste it into their own programs to infiltrate companies.

But companies are not the only ones at risk.

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Antivirus is not 100% security

Adding another antivirus can lead to system process issues

For info:
Comodo CIS has 3 levels of defense
Even if the 1st is faulty (antivirus), the other 2 levels are present to stop the threat
I have never had any problems with the configuration below

The firewall is in custom mode, which allows me to perfect the inputs/outputs

(The other components of CIS are customized as far as I’m concerned)

Thank you for your answer. My settings in the men? are the same - no problems so far.

[QUOTE]Comodo is the best antivirus in the world
~ Comodo employees and CEO

Seriously though, there are allegations that antivirus comparison websites, that they charge software companies money to be included in their review listings and also that the company who is the highest bidder to pay the most, gets the best ratings on the leaderboard. There’s allegations of antivirus comparison websites committing “pay to play”, aka payola, running their own cartel. I simply don’t trust those websites.

As long as I have been using comodo in all the years I have not had any malware on my pc. So what is the best software in the world for me for protection?
As soon as this protection will fail I will change to another software.

You are the best software knowing what you are doing on your computer
Comodo’s firewall is a security guard monitoring the entrances / exits (like in the supermarket)
The other components of CIS (well configured) protect your operating system as well as your files (sandbox)

Extremely true! :-TU

Installing another AV from another provider, why wasting your money. I use CIS with Super Antispyware, and it keeps mine pc malware free. You must fine-tune CIS, and then you can rely on it. Comodo Antivirus is a top product.

So I think,too. But with antivirus I had my doubts because of some postings in the forum and tests.

These tests aren’t everything but you can safely run any antivirus with Comodo Firewall though I think running it with Kaspersky, you had to have Kaspersky installed first. It’s probably a good idea to install whichever antivirus you want first and then Comodo Firewall secondly as well as whitelisting each other in both programs. I also recommend using Cruelsister’s tweaks (Proactive mode) with Containment level for Unknowns set to Restricted.

Although not at all needed, there are some folk who feel the need for a dedicated Antivirus application added to enhance the AV detection provided already by Comodo Firewall.

So for those that have this need I strongly suggest installing WiseVector StopX. Installation is quick and easy, I have been doing an extensive trial of this combination and am fine with it. Just a few points:
1). Set the WV HIPS and Firewall modules at Low Security as these, although they do not interfere, are not needed for systems with CF installed.
2). It can be uninstalled very cleanly if it isn’t one’s cup of tea.
3). Don’t bother doing a system scan with it as it is really pointless and takes, like, forever.

Many thanks for the useful answers! :slight_smile: