Is it safe to have a hardware firewall as well as a software one together?

My home PC running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 has recently been equipped with a broadband modem ■■■ wireless router. Simultaneously, Comodo Firewall 5.10.228257.2253 is existing.

I am puzzled if it is safe to have a hardware firewall and a software one together in my PC. As noted, two firewalls are not recommended. Do I have to do any setting required for either or both of these firewalls? I appreciate it much if any technical advice will soon be given.


It is safe to run a hardware and software firewall together. It’s two software firewalls that aren’t recommended, because they could conflict. Since your hardware firewall is external, it won’t conflict with your software firewall.

The only problem you may run into with a hardware and software firewall is if you need to make any port adjustments, you’ll need to make the adjustments on both firewalls. Not a bit deal.

Hi, HeffeD

Thank you for your prompt response.

All common and service ports are detected as stealth by ShieldsUP (Gibson Research Corporation). Is the “pass” condition considered as acceptable to both (hardware and software) firewalls? Do I need to do anything further?


Yes, pass means full stealth.

You shouldn’t need to do anything else to your configuration.

Hi, HeffeD

Thank you for your confirmation.