Is it safe to delete "Not found" entries in CCE Autoruns?

Also in drivers, services, codecs and other sections?

Do they really not exist or CCE just doesn’t “see” the files somehow?

Same question to N\A entries (other columns are blank)

As this is a beta release please be careful with these ‘conclusions’, always verify if those detections really don’t exist anymore.
If it’s this tool or any other tool.

I have reported an issue with current Autoruns having issues with detecting variable paths in shortcuts, falsely claiming a ‘not found’.

It’s also worth reading through the FAQ for Autoruns, on which this product is based, as the issue has been raised many times.

comodo autorun analyzer is NOT based on sysinternals autoruns

Did you see the pre-release?

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The interface of the beta looks just like autoruns. So what? Comodo’s current version of autoruns doesn’t copy the interface anymore.

Autoruns is free, but not open-source so Comodo had to code the program all on their own. Even though it looked almost exactly like autoruns, it still wasn’t based off autoruns. I’m assuming by “based off” that this is referring to the programming.

I’m sure they just used Autoruns as a model :a0 but decided to copy the entire interface just for fun :a0 then realised that wasn’t such a good idea ;D

We are of course at liberty to select whichever fantasy most closely conforms to our chosen sense of reality. :a0

Regardless, a post related to Autoruns has useful and relevant information regarding the Not found message. There are others, which if you choose to read, will find useful as well.