Is it safe to clean duplicate files?

Hello… I just scanned my computer with comodo system cleaner and it found thousands of duplicate files. So many, that it feels weird to delete all of them! Is it safe to delete all duplicate files or there may be copies that the computer is using for its healthy performance? How can one determine which ones to delete? I am not talking about movies, music or pictures but all these files with extensions like Ink, ini, H1W, H1H, dat, ref, resx, aspx, e.t.c. I have really plenty of those.

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Have you activated Safe deletion and Registry protection? If you haven’t then I would recommend to activate them (you have to explore where you activate it)

Now to answer you question… I have made duplicates, the originals ones are on C: and the duplicate is on D: incase I would need to reinstall my OS or anything in that kind. I use.them as a sort of back-up you could say. If those duplicates that are found and you have thought that they should work as a sort of back-up then the answer is no. But if it is music files or videos or applications that are same but just in another folder then you should delete the duplicates.


Thank you Valentinchen.

It is not very clear to me which files are created by the system and are maybe required. There seems to be for example copies of things that are for x32 or x64, or for vista and windows 7, according to their names.

I haven’t created them so I suppose windows had a reason to create those duplicates. Some that are under the same expand tree seem completely different.

Do I keep always one of them or I delete the whole expand tree?
And if I keep one, how do I choose which one?

I have windows 7 x64

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My best advice would be to let it be; I don’t want to give wrong tips and I have no experience with 64bit OS’es. You will always keep one file and the copies will deleted. If you want to delete duplicates you should search for files that are not system related.

Off topic: How much ram do you have on your computer?


How large are these duplicate files? Unless they are sizable and you are running out of space on your hard drive, I would just leave them. Too many people get into trouble when they start deleting duplicate files.

I have 4GB installed (3.75 usable)

The files are not really big neither I run out of space. I have been using Comodo system cleaner for sometime but never the clean-duplicate-files facility. So when I ran it yesterday it felt like there maybe a lot of useless files in my computer.

I have come to trust CSC so I thought to check what’s better to do.

From what you guys say and from a small research on the internet I have decided I’m better off NOT deleting them. Thanx a lot for the advices.

Since you are running a 64bit OS I would recommend you to have 5GB or more (8Gb is maximum ram for 64bit OS).


Hi hippiemaster. A lot of duplicate files are stored in folders for repair, modifying etc of operating systems and programs. It can save reinstalling programs or searching for an installation disc when modification or repair is required. Kind regards.

Hi, I also find over 180,000 duplicates under’ all files’, I was looking for a way to ‘select all’ and couldn’t find how, so came here. after reading the posts I think I won’t delete these, though I already deleted music duplicates( with no apparent problems). I really like all the Comodo programs but most could do with being easier for nongeeks like me…thanks, PT

CSC 3 has improved compared to CSC 2

can i recommend a duplicate cleaner which i use that has caused no problems whatsoever.
It protects the windows files and is totally safe.
go to and use duplicate cleaner.its a great and very safe program to use.

many thanks.
(:NRD) :comodorocks:

is it for free?

I could you compare CSC and this product?

Valentin N

yes duplicate cleaner is free.
And its totally contains a wide range of settings for protecting important windows files.
ive used this product for about a year now on the recommendation of several webmasters here in the uk.
it has caused no problems at all.

I have used Auslogics duplicate file cleaner in the past and it does a great job also. If you delete something that you really need you can restore it back to the original before you deleted the files.


Please help. I have over 3500 duplicate music files. If I remove all in the list, will there be a copy of each left after I delete “all”?

Hello, you can try DuplicateFilesDeleter program to delete your duplicate files.