Is it safe to add iexplore.exe to My Own Safe Files?

Hello, Can I safely add iexplore.exe to My Own Safe Files? After adding it to the list, I still get a pop up when downloading a file but it is orange instead of red. Also, it seems to be more accurate to what I am doing. Will this cause any security problems?

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iexplore is part of the Windows Operation System, It is 100% Safe. No it won’t cause any security problems.


I respectfully disagree. Browsers can be quite unsafe. Malware can be delivered simply by browsing a malicious website, if your security doesn’t defend against the drive-by attack vectors. The unsafe nature of browsers is why Vista runs Internet Explorer 7 in protected mode (see

I am not sure if we are on the same page as the poster. Do you mean Internet Explorer or explorer.exe as in Windows Explorer?

+1, in vista, IE is not allowed to modify any file system if it gets attacked and virused. that’s what says MS.
the virused IE7 shouldnt be able to attack vista system.

and the post was about Iexplorer so i guess it’s internet explorer.
browsers are a good way to get virused maybe the best, especially with the java machine installed, this language is marvellous, it can be added to webpages and can do anything with your system, not javascript, what is different thing but java, this language took my xp and slap it down in seconds years ago, was a safe site, but get hacked so the welcome page told u to click to continue and when u clicked it just installed a trojan on your machine disabled FW, AV, locked taskmgr, regedit, and the code was still doing things, full HD activity, so u got 1 sec to turn off PSU before waiting for the code to finish his work.
so, i didnt install java for years now, maybe i’m too paranoid but i banned java, so when a website needs java, i go somewhere else. i install it once a year to pay year state taxes on gouv site then i recover my system that i backuped before installing java…
am i too paranoid or java is really as dangerous as i imagine?

Java programs running inside a browser are sandboxed. See for details. However, there have been vulnerabilities discovered in the past regarding Java. See for an example.

The Opera browser, which I use, gives you the ability to quickly set (F12 key) whether JavaScript, Java, and plugins should be on or off globally, and also to specify these 3 settings per individual website.

I think I got confused with explorer.exe there, My apologies.


I have explore.exe and iexplore.exe blocked by the Firewall - anything MS isn’t safe to be allowed out.

Just don’t block these in Defense+!

Windows errors related to explore.exe?

explore.exe is added to the system as a result of the GRAYBIRD.G virus. This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system. If found on your system make sure that you have downloaded the latest update for your antivirus application

Windows errors related to iexplore.exe?

iexplore.exe is the main executable for Microsoft Internet Explorer. This Microsoft Windows application allows you to surf the world wide web and the Internet. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing proble

Now that is just basic information from Google.


My post was about iexplore.exe which is the main executable for Microsoft Internet Explorer. My Own Safe Files relates to Defense+. When I download a file, Comodo’s pop up is red and doesn’t recognize iexplore.exe. I can’t understand this since it is a well known browser. When I added iexplore.exe to the safe list in Defense+, Comodo recognizes it.

What is the difference if iexplore.exe (Internet Explorer) is on or off My Own Safe Files list?

Is Internet Explorer safer if it’s not on the list?

The difference is it is now a trusted application & You will get Red alerts all the time, DONT mean there always bad!


Hi Josh, I get orange alerts when its on the safe list, and red when its off the list.

Are you are saying that I should remove iexplore.exe from My Own Safe Files?

Why doesn’t Comodo recognize iexplore.exe (Internet Explorer) even if its not safe?


It should but do you have any extensions or plugins?

As Vettech pointed out it should recognize it.

No, You don’t have to remove it from your Safe Files.


I have Java Runtime Environment, Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and IE Spell. (all current versions)

Does Internet Explorer have more privileges if it’s on the safe list?

For programs that are on the whitelist, whether Comodo’s or on your safe list, actions between whitelisted entries are learned instead of alerted, if in a Defense+ mode that does such. If you’re using Paranoid mode, as I do, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s on the whitelist or not.

There was a lengthly discussion of Defense+ settings for browser security in this thread: