Is it really useful?

Hi, i have a question about the new toolbar of Comodo, Hopsurf (which i have not installed yet because it wasn’t in the upgrade). Is it really useful? Because for what i heard it seems like a sort of service based on the community that use this service. So if the community is not so big the service is not so good. Besides it really looks, in my opinion, like the WOT service. That kind of service very often is not so sure because of the ratings of the users that might be wrong, or worst intentionally wrong. So, are my analysis erroneous? Or in principle do my thoughts have a real foundation?

Thanks for your help.

Dr. gabbo123

it has a lot of interesting sites :-TU
You can read THIS TOPIC to ensure

2 gabbo123
dude, u’r wrong … just try it and than do your conclusions …

I find it completely useless and am having the hardest time getting rid of it.

I personally use it when I have some time as it lets me find sites otherwise I couldn’t find.


I like to google and see content of interest myself, If some one shows content he compiled, I feel like watching ads in the TV and I cant do any thing about it and I feel like mentally challenged :slight_smile:

After setting up HopSurf, and using AutoHopSurf… i can find a ton of stuff that i like, even good jokes and pictures… example bellow