Is it possible to install CIS or CF without Defence+

I am using Vipre anti-virus and they are saying it is noy compatible with defence+. They say diabling it soes not help but you must get rid of the drivers etc. Is it possible to installa Internet security or firewall without these defense+ features and files installed.

Hi Jaskaolen,

Well yes and no, you can install the firewall and then ‘disable D+ Permanent’ this would make CFW without ‘leak protection’ as the installer call’s it.

I’m not familiar with conflicts with Vipre, can you point us to were the “they say” post are to be found?
If Vipre is really incompatible with CIS we need to get the dev’s involved to put Vipre on the list of incompatible softwares so CIS won’t install on a system with Vipre on it.

I have discussed about my update problems with Vipre in their support forum with Nick Hallin, Vipre product specialist. I have not any deeper knowledge about the incompatibilities. My siscussion is here.

What happens when Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)? Does the problem with Vipre persist or does it solve it?

Because this does not happen always I must follow the situation. Today morning Vipre updated normally.

Keep on watching it the upcoming days and report back how things worked out or not.

I think we need to verify if Vipre is running as trusted.
Can you go to Defense+ ‘view active process list’ and see if the verdict for the vipre executables are marked as trusted? Please also run a Vipre update while looking at the process list to see if there is a seperate updater and how the verdict for that is.

All Vipre processes are trusted and the updater seems not to launch a separate process.
Of couese my problem can have some other reason. I will continue to watch with D+ disabled.

I’ll notify dev’s to contact GFI to see what’s the issue here that Nick is talking about.

Maybe he is talking about the CIS antivirus part. I don’t know if I had made it 100% clear that it is not installed.