Is it possible not to change Comodo tray icon when antivirus is out of date?

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to make Comodo not to change the tray icon when antivirus is out of date? I couldn’t see an option in the settings. Is it possible to suggest a Checkbox for such a feature?


Hi Chamath Mc,
This request has some similarities to the wish in the link below.
CIS Should Monitor Other AV’s Installed Alongside And Act Accordingly [W2]

However the wish does differ enough to be under its own title IMO.
If you decide to create a wish, please follow the format.
Wishlist - CIS
Required Wish Format

Thank you.

Oh, thank you very much.
By the way, it seems that this post was posted in the wrong category (“General Security Questions and Comments”), my apologies for that.

No problem, thanks. :slight_smile: