is it possible into CID?

browsers have their on download machine. Can you integrate Free Download Manager (Open Source) into CID? Downloads are more faster than now 'cause FDM devide the file whatever you download. and there is no need to any other download manager…I do not know is it possible or not ? if it is possible it is an incredible browser exprience I have ever used it ?

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FDM does not support version 22.
Look at DownThemA.

Downthemall and Video Download helper both work fine for me in CID 22. I use FreeDownloadManager as well but I have to do it manually, i.e. copy/paste the download link into FDM or drag it to FDM’s drop box.

The FF add-on “Download Status Bar” - - includes an option to keep downloads going even when the browser is closed, which I find very very useful.

On the other hand, have you tried one of the Compatibilty Check disabling add-ons? I used to use them in FF some time ago, and FDM would work fine even though it was technically incompatible. Can’t speak for CID 22 though sorry.

maybe Downthemall integrate into CID like webinspector ?? why not ? it will be default downloader of CID

You can have Downthemall as the default download manager … make sure that “Add Downthemall to the Save File window” is selected in DTA prefs, then in the Save File dialog just tick “Do this automatically…”

:-TU thanks my mate