Is it ok to share 5.9

I am a bit Confused ??? since egemen is not online these days so thought about asking all you guys on what you think

  1. IS it ok If I share 5.9 with languy99 or others for them to test its efficiency and so that all can get a review about it ?

  2. Wont it cause problem in any case since its not released yet and dont know when it will ?

  3. Will i go againt any comodo policy or something like that ?

plz note i have CIS 5.9.216167.2147 x64bit version which is the early version that the one which will be released
Thanks for your reply

Languy probably has got his own version of 5.9 already. He won’t need you’re version. You can’t share it with anyone outside of the Comodo dev/mod team obviously. It’s a internal release you got and you can’t go share it with anyone. Obviously against the rules…

It is not OK to share anything with anybody for things that you have received conditionally (ie. not to share) from Comodo, unless you get Comodo’s explicit permission first.