Is it nessary to update firewall?

I have Avast 4.8 Antivirus,and Antimalwarebites,and for on demand scanners.I have Comodo Pro for my firewall. I have tried the update process offered with in the program but it just goes on forever like it is updateing but is not. I do not want to use the Anti virus of Comodo at this time so I have not updated. Is it nessary to update,it will still protect me from intrusions and port scans,correct? I am also behind a Nat firewall from a Linksys router (wired). Just looking for a opinion?


Even when being behind a router you still not a firewall for protection to your local network, open ports in the router that you may have set and to know about outgoing traffic on your computer.

I didn’t update using the updater but did a clean install so I cannot comment on that. When using the installer you get to choose if you want to use the AV or not.

CIS comes with a smaller memory footprint, bigger whitelist as well as some other improvements: .