Is "iqsnotify.exe" a Trojan?

Hello Everyone, This is the second time I am posting this, I cannot seem to find my first post on this subject
Anyway, this popped up a couple of times starting this morning and was asking permission , I blocked it with comodo
because I dont know what it is or where it came from, the only thing new on my pc is , I installed the “Malwarebytes”
scanner, dont know if that matters or not!
Anyone know what this “iqsnotify.exe” is? I saw on Google, there is a similar looking but not exact .exe called
“isnotify.exe” and this is a trojan! Any Idea’s? Thanks,Tom

It appears it is quote from website isnotify.exe is a process associated with Trojan.W32.Zlob
Startup keys for isnotify from another website
Could you check please if there are entries in the registry keys.
Thank you

After checking I did not see anything in the registry?


Are you sure it is not jqsnotify. ( with a j not an i )? If it is, it is the newest java 6.10 quick notifier. I have just blocked it in my application rules.


JJasper: You are RIGHT, my eyesight must be going, it must have been a J nor an I because I had forgotten I just installed the newest Java on this pc.
Sorry for the False alarm, Thank You, Tom

I also just updated to 6.11 and after about 1 hour Comodo alerted me that “i” (not j) qsnotify.exe was attempting to get to the internet. I know it was a “i” because I copied and pasted the program reported by Comodo…so, your eyes were correct! We get older but we’re not dead yet!!

Anyway, just thought that I should report this and then I have to figure out what’s going on.

I did a google search, Only found “isnotify.exe” If this is correct…
You can scan the file with |

Go to Comodo → Defense+ → Common Tasks → View active process list. Find Isnotify.exe
and click “Terminate” The reason why we don’t block it is because You may have trouble removing it when it’s in comodo’s quarintene.

Ok, If possible can you please Upload this file in a .ZIP/Rar to a site like |
and message me or someone in the malware research group with the download link.

Or visit this page;
What ever is easiest for you :slight_smile:

Please submit this if its malware to comodo as it will help other users!

How to clean an infection.

dfoulkes: Thanks for letting me know my eyesight is not as bad as I thought, guess I’m not dead yet LOL

Kyle: I will try to do as you instructed, but I dont know if I can find this on my pc now, will check it out and let you know!

Well, this is strange. Last night I cut/past the program name that Comodo alerted me to and did the search with Google, found this post and did my post above…using cut and paste guarantees me that I won’t do a typo…
This morning I get another notice from Comodo for the same thing and I read and then re-read the message and now it’s a “j” and not and “i” and when I let it pass the correct “jqs.exe” is now running when last night it was the
other one…the one we’ve been talking about. I found the “jqsnotify.exe” in my Jave dir. but could not find anything starting with and “i”. So, what I currently have in my Task Mgr. is “jqs.exe” which according to the web is a proper program for Java (though I may still kill it).

Don’t know now??? ???

Hehe. Maybe It was jqsnotify.exe all along :wink: No worries!

I would say that you are correct but since I’m lazy when it comes to typing in stuff like that (and can create errors) I’ve used cut/paste on everything that I can do that with…including that message…weird! :-\
I think that I’ll run a bunch of malware checker programs today just to make sure.