Is I-vault free [Resolved]

Is I-vault free for ever or just one year to get you hooked?

No, I assume it is free just like their other free products. The web page says “100% Free” & “You pay nothing!!”. There is no mention of time limitations. You can always ask Melih (the CEO) directly in his section of the forums Melih’s Corner - CEO Talk/Discussions/Blog.

some of the products say free “lifetime license” and some just say free lisence. Thats what has me confused.,1357.msg13133.html#msg13133

Here Comodo says they are converting it to a lifetime licence at the moment.

Note that “free” to Comodo means you agree to get spammed by advertisements in their Launchpad product which is forcibly installed (i.e., you get no choice) when you install i-Vault (or Backup or their other “free” products). These aren’t animated banner ads but instead left-pane selections to lure you into opening them up to see their blurb about you buying their commercialware, plus there is the so-called “news” section to advertise their commercialware.

They intend to have you go through their Launchpad program to access their free programs (so why they didn’t include their firewall is a mystery). The ads are tucked away but they are there. You can try to get rid of their Launchpad by defining your own direct shortcuts in your Start menu to the executables for the individual programs but that merely loads the program into memory and does NOT present a UI for you to then start using the program. Right-click on the Launchpad tray icon to get at its option and select NOT to load automatically on Windows startup. Okay, it won’t load but now you have no means of getting at i-Vault. Even if i-Vault is configured to load on startup, there is no tray icon for it, and running ivault.exe loads it into memory without a tray icon and presents no UI window.

So “free” does have a price. You get stuck with having to use their Launchpad interface program which tries to get you to buy their commercialware. Right now their firewall has its own tray icon and the install does provide Start menu shortcuts to the program. If they decide to engulf their firewall into their Launchpad with its ad crap then I’ll switch to another “free” firewall.

At least with the firewall launchpad was abandoned and AFAIK lauchpad will be abandoned on all products but eventually made available as a separate download.

So it’s the other way round: They’re removing lauchpad. Calm down :wink:

Actually all they would have to do is provide a Custom selection on installation. Complete would include Launchpad (which would then be just another UI to their program as long as they provide separate Start menu shortcuts that go directly to the programs) while Custom would let you choose to include or not include Launchpad.

So it's the other way round: They're removing lauchpad. Calm down ;-)
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