Is HopSurf safe to use and privacy?

Before I start:
I do not like Toolbars, therefore not used HopSurf.

Okay Comodo created a toolbar to find new websites through HopSurf.
Am I right?

Anyway the point is, if I stumble across a malicious website that infects my computer, through HS - who is responsible? Is it the users fault?

Can a Comodo user login via the toolbar? If so, does that mean Comodo knows what the user likes and so on?

Does HopSurf collect data? If so, what type and what does it do with it?

Answers appreciated. Thanks.

I’m curious to see what Comodo thinks/says.

Also your post wasn’t helpful for me to find answers to the questions I asked. :slight_smile:

Well my take on it is, if used in conjunction with CIS… Firefox with no script and a few others… plus WOT (web of trust) highly active one which is useful then sure why not? It has a handle auto toggle which removes the need to click away and can be turned on and off at the click of a button.