Is "Hard Shutoff" ok?

Sometimes, when I want my PC to turn off quickly, I do a “hard shutdown” (press and hold the power button). So I was wondering, is it bad to do a hard shutdown, or is it okay?

Yes perfectly alright, eventually you will hit the JACKPOT!!! ;D

Every time you do this there is the possibility that you will corrupt a important file or the registry.

The Jackpot is Reinstall your OS.

Wow…that’s reassuring. 88)

Hmmm…I guess I’ll try not to do it (but if for some reason I do, and something gets corrupt, maybe Acronis True Image would come in handy).

man, you are damaging your hard drive this way! You are not only damaging software this way but also your hard drive… One day you can not boot normally even if you have a back up, because you messed up the hard drive… the software approach of disabling your pc is not there for fun… This has been done so that the operating system safely can shut down all running processes, services, programs and stuff so the next time they can start up again normally…

if you PC is shutting down slowly during a proper shutdown, maybe some performance tweaking would do the trick. (or maybe it’s shutting down slowly because of all your past hard shutdowns…)

The Jackpot is Reinstall your OS.
If you have to [i]Hard Shutdown[/i] instead of the normal one I think you need the jackpot right now ! The [i]normal shutdown [/i] is faster than the [i]Hard Shutdown[/i] on my pc