Is enhanced protection mode only for 64bit and windows 7?

Is the new enhanced protection mode in defense+ only for 64bit windows 7?
The help file speaks about effects for these.
But after i installed the product, the EPM was enabled by default, while i dont have any of these.

“For 32 bit systems, it will NOT make any difference but it can be used for debugging incompatibility issues.”
[What is incompatible in comodo in front of what?]

“There is the compatibility angle of it in 32 bit systems. Multiple security products using the same methods can prevent one another cuasing lowered security. For 32 bit systems, enhanced mode may overcome these difficulties.”
[Multiple using can cause lower security. But using it multiple with others AND comodo can solve this???]

I dont understand any of these sentences, maybe related to language :smiley:

Yes, please more explanations.
What debugging?
How it will overcome lowered security?

I summarised the technical story by egemen.

It brings 64 bits Windows versions on par with 32 bits versions when it comes to protection.

In 32 bits versions there will be better compatibility with other security programs. When other security programs use the same techniques as CIS that will no longer reduce security. Before you would be less secure in this situation.

So, the advice for everyone is to use this feature?
Or is in this stage not clear if problems can happen?

Are we speaking about cases of using by mistake similar products (parts) together, or is it valid for usual cases of using another antivirus with comodo?