Is default Configuration in Beta 2024 different from Earlier?

As the Title says… :grinning:

Good afternoon friend,
What rules are you talking about?

I meant Configuration @New_Style_xd

Sorry friend, I didn’t do the test to let you know.
I removed the old one and didn’t import the settings, preferring to do everything from scratch.
I hope someone here on the forum has done this test to inform you better.

To the best of my knowledge, the configuration templates are all the same as they’ve been for over 10 years now at their defaults.

As for what changes they made to the engine, I don’t think there’s much you can do to improve a whitelisting application’s ability to do its job. You can improve the sandbox’s ability to isolate things and you can improve the app’s compatibility with modern windows.

But I don’t really have any performance problems with comodo on windows anymore. Not since I got my new machine anyway.

Protip! set the container to block the unknown instead of sandboxing it.