Is CTM wubi-compatible?

does CTM support wubi?
I’ve recently removed my linux partition and installed again via wubi (ubuntu installer for windows)
each OS stored in different partition (logical partition, same HDD)
and I’d like to install CTM in C:\ (windows paratition), so will it be safe to install?
without wondering about corrupting MBR?
both partition is formatted to NTFS. thanks.

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I tried, and yes it works! ;D
CTM is compatible with wubi, when selected ‘this is multibooting computer and it’s last’ option.

No, don’t install… when you boot into Linux you won’t have the CTM driver loaded for Linux.
You will mess your installation and snapshots.

no worries ;D it works fairly well.
cause I’ve separated each drive and I use BOOTMGR, not grub.

EDIT: forgot to mention, I unchecked the linux drive, so that partition is not protected.

You’re warned… Linux has access to the Windows partitions (and they could be mounted). If you change the disk you could lose snapshots and remain only with the baseline. Or, worse, you can lose boot… CTM is not a toy…
Worse if we’re talking about Wubi… that depends on the Windows system file…

Sure… I’m not even considering this option as there is not a Linux driver for CTM…

LOL but until now I’m okay.
if I ■■■■■ my HDD I’ll post back. ;D

If you meet the following conditions, CTM is compatible with wubi.

  1. Do not use CTM to protect the partition which installed Ubuntu. For example, you install Ubuntu(wubi) to partition "F:" , then do not choose to protect "F:" while installing CTM.
  2. After logon Ubuntu, please do not access any Windows partition which protected by CTM. Otherwise, the CTM’s private data will be destroyed, then you will lose all snapshots and may even cause the Windows to not start.

As Tech said, “CTM is not a toy…”, please be careful.

Best Regards.