Is "Creating Trust Online" just a sales pitch?

Earlier today, I installed the internet security suite only to find out that I had to install other standalone software (kill switch) in order to get the rest of the functionality in the active process list. After installing that, I tried using the program usage analyzer and found myself having to install the cleaning essentials, however, that program does not seem to have an un-installer, so I went back to the comodo website and came across programs manager (Comodo Programs Manager | Free 30 day trial for Live PC Support) which I found out the hard way, was discontinued years ago. I figured, maybe it was replaced by something else, so I tried installing system utilities which also does not have an un-installer.

Several hours later, and I’m left wondering, what happens to regular end-users who go through this same series of events? Perhaps they now become potential customers for the premium geekbuddy service. What’s the point of having so many standalone applications other than loading the computer with a bunch of memory-draining issues that later require lots of personal time spent fixing the performance issues, and/or paying for the premium support service. Also, forcing people into using cloud services doesn’t create an environment of trust. As far as creating trust, I think things could be better than this.