Is Comodo's Defense+ compatible with Panda Cloud AV?

I’ve decided to use Panda’s Cloud AV on a newly formatted system as it has been reported to be superb at malware detection and rather average at cleaning up an already infected system. In addition I am using Comodo’s Firewall with the firewall only configuration. I’ve been reading about the Defense+'s intrusion prevention abilities today, and it seems like the perfect compliment to Comodo’s firewall and Panda’s Cloud AV. Before I enabled it though I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t interfere with the AV. I didn’t find any helpful posts about the matter with the search tool. Thanks for your input.

I don’t know much about Panda AV, but D+ should not interfere with any software, as long as the appropriate rules are set up.

If you are unsure about setting up rules, you can always use the training mode if you are sure your system is clean. Run Panda AV, do a scan etc. When done, revert to the previous mode. The necessary rules will be created. You can always review, modify or delete any rules you believe is too loose or not wanted.

Hope this helps.


Well, this AV works by monitoring file behavior instead of using definitions. It’s actually supposed to do a good job detecting all kinds of anti-malware (virus, spyware, trojan, rootkit, etc). I thought there might be some kind of conflict if Panda and Defense were both using the same method to detect these things. However, I think I have a clearer understanding of it now. Defense+ is like a system firewall protecting your OS whereas the firewall only installation is purely a network firewall to prohibit traffic. Panda looks for files that seem like malware and prevents them from infecting the system. All of this should work in unison making a very secure system. Thanks for your help.

Usually signature based security programs and CIS work together without a problem. When a program has a HIPS component compatibility problems are much more likely to arise.

Comodo Firewall and Panda Cloud work very well together. I have been running the same setup every since the first beta release and now with the finale release version Panda doesn’t lack in cleanup department ether. I ran a test and ran Panda Cloud AV through 15 Malware URL’s from the Malware Domain List and it stopped all but one. 10 Trojans, 4 Adware and the 1 it missed and that one was easily cleaned up with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.