Is COMODO's anti-keylogger feature a full protection against keyloggers ?

Hi !

It is said that COMODO Firewall has an anti-keylogger feature (at least I think so).

Does that means that we do not need to install any anti-keylogger software like Zemana or SpyShelter ?

If I install Zemana or SpyShelter, will I get a better protection against keyloggers ?

If we get a better protection with an extra anti-keylogger software, could someone suggest what would be the best anti-keylogger to work correctly with COMODO ?

Thank you for your answers !

Almost a month has passed since my first comment and no answer to my simple question…

I have read the COMODO’s online help and the only place where it speaks of the anti-keylogger feature is in the Antivirus section.

As I use only the Firewall (including Defense+), I will consider that I don’t have any protection against keyloggers with this COMODO’s configuration.

So I will use an extra anti-keylogger software to complete my protection.

Thank you.

Hello Spoutnik;

Defense+ does protect your from Keyloggers
(you may check - CIS > Defense+ > Defense+ Settings > Monitor Settings (tab))

Sorry for the late response

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