is comodo valkyrie still alive?

have a question,is comodo valkyrie still alive?
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why nobody reply?does it imply that valkyrie has been dead for a long time and therefore very few people visit this forum and post a reply?

it implies that no one knows the answer to your question

We don’t know anything about it…

What we have here is a failure to communicate… :slight_smile:

What we have here is also a failure to honor promises… What happened to the Comodo Cloud antivirus talked by Melih back in 2011? Also, what happened to the Valkyrie integration in CIS? :-TD

Yes it would be nice if we where told eventually what they intended to do.

Not sure where you are looking Comodo Cloud is part of CIS if you allow it all unknown files are checked first with the Cloud antivirus before being submitted to the labs, there are numerous posts on the Forum please search.

As far as Valkyrie integration if something better appears it is not done, but it would be nice to be told but this is not a requisite.

I know about the Cloud scanning present in CIS and I personally use and like it. What I was talking about was the fact that Melih said back in 2011 that Comodo was going to develop a product called “Comodo Cloud Antivirus” and also integrate Valkyrie in the backend of the CIS Cloud scanning, but it did not happened.

Back to the original question… it would be nice to know if this service is going to be resurrected or if it is down for good.

All I get is that the server is always TOO BUSY?
Is that because the service thinks it’s busy as the server is shut down and isn’t taking requests?

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A file I submitted for analysis on Jan. 19 2015 is still “processing.”

Unless they are running on an old TRS-80 computer, I think the service is no longer working.

Why Comodo says nothing is a bit strange. :-X

I decided to give Valkyrie a go to see if I might get lucky. I am ecstatic! ;D It still lives! Fortunately, I successfully got file to scan which produced all scanners results for Static tab; CAV verdict and CAMAS verdict(Undetected by both) under Dynamic tab (although the Dynamic tab still showed the error " The Valkyrie Dynamic Detection is too busy to query the result for you! Please try it later!“), while the Advanced Heuristics tab kept showing the loading icon until it too showed the “too busy”” error. There’s still hope. :BNC

Come on Valkyrie!! can pull through… We’re all cheering for your speedy recovery!

I personally think it dead already nothing more i see

look at this error when you try to scan

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you might want to think again… 88)

New Valkyrie is great to detect malwares :-TU I can assure you.

Awesome! I definitely being trying this out. Thanks for letting us know :-TU

It is very good at detecting new samples… please support this intelligence with more samples guy to improve capability and efficiency.
It even has anti-VM detector… Great piece of service from Comodo :-TU

Waiting for some kind of uploader :-TU