Is Comodo TrustConnnect Fast?

Is comodo trustconnect fast for you? Where do you use CTC? Where do you live?

It’s pretty fast for me, I live in London :wink: ;D

[at] christarzan

Can you please add another choice to the poll - “Fast enough”. I live in Australia and only use Trust Connect when mobile and need to do something secured over public wifi. Speed isn’t the real issue for me, just security.

Ewen :slight_smile:

im in dominican republic, it has good speed, i use it when im registering in a non secure webs (not https)
dont know if it has high bitrate cuz i dont use it to download files

I live in Alberta,and shows 600 kbps down and 190 kbps up. My ISP provides at leat 2.6 Mbps down and 500kbps up. So for me this is extremely slow. I am using a free version, so I don’t know if the paid version is faster. I do however appreciate the privacy aspect.

In BC Canada I connect to the Houston server and here are my results (average from three tests each):

Download Speed: 4936 kbps (617 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 804 kbps (100.5 KB/sec transfer rate) < - regular

Download Speed: 3504 kbps (438 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 482 kbps (60.3 KB/sec transfer rate) < Trustconnect

I have had no problems with Trustconnect and find that the speed is more than enough to check my email and browse the net at the cafe. :wink:

I live in the United Arab Emirates so, the ISP is slowing down all VPN except those with the latest technologies.

I have added the Fast enough option in the voting

it is fast enough… now if it would just stop disconnecting me all the time