Is comodo secure e-mail free for commercial use?


I have read at “Comodo Secure Email Beta 2” page that it is free for commercial use. But I don’t understand one thing: it can be use itself, and generates the “single-use session certificate” automatically, or can I obtain a free Comodo E-mail Certificate, and in this case is it not allowed to commercial use?

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i think we shoudl be clearer about this…

you see even the product itself (the software) is free for any use, it does require a certificate and that certificate is free for non-commercial use only…


Thanks, Melih. :slight_smile:

I do apologise for the confusion. :-[


Hi marcos.zy,

As Melih has pointed out, the SecureEmail software is free for commercial and non-commercial use, however, the digital email certificates that are required to encrypt e-mails are not free for commercial use.

The software has a handy wizard to sign up for our non-commercial FREE personal e-mail certificates.

Digital Email Certificates for businesses can be obtained from the following link:

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Thank you, Shane. I understood. :■■■■

Does non-commercial user have the 1 year period free use of this product and subscription is required thereafter? :THNK

for non-commercial its free. period…