Is Comodo Internet Security Pro released yet?

The largest security forum in China, kafan, has posted the download of CIS in the comodo section. Is this version the latest version to be released in the future? Can I use this version now or do I have to wait for a while?

Yes it is available from the Comodo website:

Click the Activate Now button to download.

do you know if we wil get any update for cis free?

A very interesting question to which I cannot answer. However I imagine that Comodo would give notice that previous versions will be unable to updates after a certain date.

Have you tested the 8026 ?
Are there any bugs fixed compared to the 8012?

Containment is the same but can’t speak to the bug issue as I’ve never seen any myself (with CF).

The one thing that is different is the statement that: “We’ve streamlined our installation processes so users always receive the most up-to-date version even if you download an outdated build”.

Will this mean a mandated silent upgrade to the paid version?

comodo internet security is safe, protection against spywares, comodo internet security is “antilogger”… :-TU

It seems in they finally fixed the bug with the invisible tray icon on boot.

It seems in they finally fixed the bug with the invisible tray icon on boot.
Thats good news

On Windows 7 - CPFW 8026

When FW is set to Block All mode and Windows is restarted than the CIS tray icon is invisible at desktop logon and it stays invisible for as long as FW is in Block All mode. Changing FW Block All mode to Safe Mode than the CIS tray icon appears again.
I have reported this years ago but it has not been fixed in 8026.