Is Comodo firewall compatible with Windows 8?

Hi. I currently use Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit. I have been using Comodo Firewall for some time now. Its the best Firewall available. However, I am upgrading my laptop to a new Windows 8 laptop. Is the current version of Comodo Firewall compatible with Microsofts new operating system, Windows 8?

Hi and welcome Daniels99,
Comodo Firewall is part of Comodo Internet Security which can be chosen to install just the Firewall during install (ViaCustom Install) if desired.

CIS V5.12 and the current Beta V6 are both fully compatible with Windows 8.
CIS V5.12
CIS Beta V6

Hi captainsticks. Thank you for your answer. I will now install Comodo Firewall on my new Windows 8 laptop. Once again, thank you

You are welcome, all the best with your new laptop. :slight_smile:

Thanks man…