Is Comodo committed to maintain Ivault?

I-vault is a great program, offering security not found on other password managers, BUT:

  • it is a bit flaky which des not inspire the confidence needed in a secure product (see this forum for reports of problems, many of which I have experienced)
  • it desperately needs at least a maintenance release. Web security has moved on since 2005 & Ivault does not recognise many sign on pages, or deal properly with multi-stage sign-ons.

Three years is a long time to leave a product fallow, as you can tell by the number of people asking (with some puzzlement) what the current version is!

Few will want to invest the time and energy needed to enter data into a password manager if they think Comodo isn’t committed to maintain it.

An estimated release date and fix list would go a long way to reassuring users about what is basically a great free product.


PS my advice for what its worth is to leverage I-Vault’s security USPs - don’t try to turn it into Roboform - fix the reliability and a few ease of use problems (eg Launchpad indepdendence, lack of drag and drop), update it re modern web log-on technology and web security, and re-isssue as quickly as possible.


Hi mouse1

Here is what the CEO of Comodo says

we have some good ideas about Ivault and its future development... Smiley


posted June 18, 2008

the new version will have launchpad removed. but it won't be next few months i am afraid Sad


posted June 18, 2008


Thanks. While your quotes are helpful, I really think an esimated release date is needed to reassure people.

Very much appreciate the product, but it does need some work. Could you ask for an estimated release date please?

Best wishes