Is Comodo Anti Virus for Linux actually for Linux

Hi there all

While I am defo no expert I am not totally new to either the Linux system or Comodo however just a light Linux user banished forever to the Windows OS due to applications I have to use in my pursuit of greatness. My issue is that after over 45 years of both reading and writing in English I do appear to have finally come unstuck.

I visited this page

On first glance the heading “Comodo Antivirus for Linux with Professional Internet Security” and the beloved penguin led me to believe this was…You know… for the Linux environment. I paid thru the checkout and received the confirmation and a download link which appears to be a .exe file installer for Windows. I did see the Compatible with Windows 10 on the right but thought it was a multi OS supported app.

Now before I make an idiot of myself and contact support I thought I would swing by and confirm with the community if I am right with my observation that a) Comodo Antivirus for Linux is for Windows, b) it is a glitch or c) I
am looking in the wrong place?.

Thanks for any help I am given. (I have OCD and this is doing my head in.)

Comodo’s main website is such a mess right now. They are replacing the Links for everything with Links pointing to CIS Pro (For Windows only) with 4,99/year promotion. If I were you I would ask for a refund because you had been misleaded into buying CIS Pro for Windows… :-TD

I filed 3 tickets on this subject and on the fact that I received the Windows executable installer on e-mail after purchasing, quote, “Comodo Internet Security Protection for Linux”. Yeah, right, my ■■■.
The support team is useless, I told them that the ■■■■■■■ old installer is the “free” version that hasn’t been working for 10 years, so I asked them to give me the version I paid for. The answer was a list with the links containing the RPM packages (along with the DEB ones) for the same not working ancient version. Not to mention it took them 2 weeks to give me this list, as long as I mentioned that my ticket was “URGENT”, because the license period was actively decreasing, as of the date of purchase.

I also negatively reviewed their stupid web page and “supported” Linux product on the reviews page, but of course, they didn’t publish it, so it doesn’t affect the reputation.
Congrats, Comodo! You’re the best.