Is comodo and av enough?

I am reinstalling windows vista on a laptop. Are winpatrol and malwarebytes necessary when comodo internet security free and norton av is on it

As a rule of thumb we advice to never use more than security programs of the same kind. So, one firewall, one resident shield/AV/Antimalware, one HIPS, one behaviour blocker… Running two security solutions of the same kind, f.e. two AV solutions, may bring compatibility problems and may in turn reduce security.

When you are using CIS and Norton AV please choose which AV you want to use; from Comodo or Norton. The functions of Winpatrol are covered the Comodo Behaviour Blocker an or HIPS. You are using two HIPS/Behaviour Blocker solutions at the same time. I would say you can do without Winpatrol.

Are you using Malwarebytes Free or Paid version?

I only have the firewall of CIS and av from norton. Comodo does not track changes to start up like win patrol does it?
MBAM pro

It will block setting of autostart keys of unknown programs with default settings. Does WinPatrol notify about all programs that try to change or set autorun keys?

As a personal choice I don’t use paid programs for my security. With the proactive capabilities of CIS or CPF the need for an AV is very limited and not worth spending precious Euros on. On my systems I use the complete suite but f.e. I see a definite number of regulars who use Avast alongside with CPF.

I use Malwarebytes Antimalware, SUper Antipsyware, Hitman Pro, TDSS Killer and gmer as on demand scanners. Other than an incidental sponsor program that I missed when installing a free program I never got infected.

WP will alert all new start ups yes. If you install a new program that is set to run at start up WP asks is that OK.

I don’t use WinPatrol but as far as I can tell it does not seem to interfere with CIS so you could use them side by side.