Is CIS v3.10 really released?

I observed that the release of CIS v3.10 was treated in some ways like a beta version, where bug reports were requested in one topic and with several subreleases within a few days.

Yesterday, I saw that the 3.10 bug topic was moved to one of the bug boards:

I also saw a lot of bugs reported in the 3.10 bug topic that were not listed as being fixed in subrelease 531.

Will there be any new subrelease of 3.10 in the next week?

When will 3.11 (or the next major version) be released?

I am currently on 3.9 and trying to figure out when to upgrade. I realize that I get no AV updates until I do.

The bug reports are simply to determine [if] any major bugs exist and require immediate attention. All other bugs will be resolved with the next major release, v4, due out late Fall.
Please upgrade with the current version
There will be no other releases until v4.

Thanks for the quick reply John.

I saw in another topic that the automatic update only preserves the active CIS configuration. Assuming I export all of my configurations before updating, is it better to do the automatic update or uninstall/reinstall?

I disabled the automatic check for CIS program updates. I see that the CIS Updater uses IE settings to deliver updates. I set IE security to High for the Internet zone. Do I only need to add * to IE Trusted Sites to support manual initiation of the CIS Updater?

From version 3.9 to 3.10, a clean install (only because 1. additional ‘Trusted Vendors’ have been added, and 2. the install will configure your DNS servers if you choose).
Otherwise, an update will work fine. The new Help file shows how to make the DNS server changes if you so choose to manually do this.
(I did both successfully just to test it).

Thanks again for the quick reply John.

I prefer to put DNS server addresses in my router and configure my PCs to automatically get DNS server addresses from the router (less work to change DNS server addresses, and my PCs can connect directly to the ISP’s modem for debug without config changes). Therefore, I do not need CIS to configure the DNS server addresses.

If I export my configs from 3.9, clean install 3.10, and import my 3.9 configs, do I overwrite the ‘Trusted Vendors’ list?

An option to importing my 3.9 configs is to screen capture most of the settings menus. Since I use Clean PC Mode for D+, this would beneficially clean up My Own Safe Files. Since I only have a customized D+ rule for Firefox, I would not need to screen capture the hundreds of D+ rules.

Anybody have an answer to this?

Previously, Trusted Vendors were not saved in the Configuration file, so you would not be overwriting them (may have to put a few back, but with the new list, maybe not - I discovered mine were now included so I did not have to add them back).

I would add Comodo to the IE Trusted Sites list, and indeed have.

So we don’t get the expanded Trusted Vendors list if we go with the auto update?

Thankfully, no. :slight_smile: