is CIS the only thing i need for protection?

um… I don’t know if this is the correct place to put this…
but anyways is CIS the ONLY thing I need or should I get a little bit more protection? if I do please only put FREEWARES like malaware bytes thing.

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CIS is everything you need. But I would recommend you to download Malwarebytes and Hitman pro

When the 30 have run out from hitman pro you will be able to scan but it won’t remove any malware.

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Valentin N

CIS ; thats all i have,
Depends on your level of knowledge of CIS
Reason i say that is because, It depends on the user that will make CIS a powerful tool.

If a virus bypass CIS AV , you have sandbox, and IF it gets passed sandbox
(which the chances of that happening are like winning the lotto 3 times in a row)
you have defense+. Again Comodo as thrown 15,000+ Malware at CIS and none has gotten passed the sandbox.

So if you are a starting out user, i would download MBAM(MalwareBytes Anti-Malware) and do monthly / bimonthly /trimonthly scans


Thank you very much for informing me. Should i put Malawarebytes as a starup program? im not gonna put hitman as startup because it would interfere with comodo. correct?

as long as you only install the free version of malwarebytes you can leave it as it is; malwarebytes won’t run the backround. Hitman pro is ,like Malwarebytes free version, an ondemand scanner. Correct me if I am wrong.

It is in general wise to have as few things as possible to run at start-up.

Valentin N

one more thing you have to use.

BRAIN.EXE :wink: :smiley:


I run my browser in SandboxIE, which is free (unless you are interested in opening several sandboxes, then you would need to pay for the full version). I just need one free sandbox at a time.

If you happen to make contact with a virus, malware, spyware etc, it will run inside the sandbox and not in your actual system. Then you simply delete the sandbox.

There are ways to keep virus’s from running even inside the sandbox (or trying to make an outside connection) by adding only a few trusted programs to the ‘restrictions’ list. That way if something tries to run or make a connection to the internet, Sandboxie stops it immediately.

It also keeps you system free of history files, cookies, internet temp files, adware and explorer caches etc. that you would normally clean out with CCleaner.

I can’t imagine life without it (and CIS-5).

Well i didn’t know if Malawarebytes had realtime protection. since it doesn’t it will not be in my start up. or does it???

MBAM Doesn’t have realtime protection for free, that is a paid feature which is useless IMHO

It’s a on demand scanner :slight_smile:


in my opinion and expiriance the realtime protection isn`t soo powerfull.

i have the malwarebytes pro with realime protection and i`ve switcht off this, because many FPs and IMO
no real sense. CIS 5 protects my PC faster and better.

a service from MBA will always run in backround for the contextmenü scanner too, with off switched realtime protector.

pardone my bad broken english. ??? :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to learn some of how your computer works then CIS should be all you need. Here’s my advice on how to configure it.

If you feel you need more protection then you can see my article on How to Block Bad Websites.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Chiron, but i dont need anymore help because most of the people said before you just run MBAM in the background

Just to be clear, it’s only the paid version that has a real-time scanner.

As well as Comodo CIS I have Malwarebytes(MBAM) and Superantispyware(SAS) installed as on demand malware/tracking cookie scanners. In the years that I have used these two programs as security supplements I have never had a malware found by MBAM but SAS usually will find a tracking cookie on my weekly scan. My conclusions are that if you use Comodo CIS, practise safe surfing and use you BRAIN.EXE then you don’t need MBAM but SAS is handy for getting rid of tracking cookies.

that becomes more infected the older you get.
no sandbox will stop that lol. >:-D