Is CIS Still Free To Install??

I’ve been using CIS free for years but recently needed to uninstall and reinstall it. When I’m on the Free CIS webpage, there is a choice - “Activate Now” or “Get Full Protection” I click on “Activate Now” but it downloads and installs CIS Pro. Once installed, on the “Fix It” banner it says, “You need to activate your licence to continue using the product” There is a charge for doing so.

What has happened to the free CIS download?? Where do I now find the free version??


offline version download:

Hi Fastflys,

Thank you for reporting.
Kindly refer the below link to download and install free Cis/CFW/CAV.;msg906599#msg906599
Thanks ZorKas for supporting.


Thanks for your response.

Do I use the online or offline download link to the free version of CIS or can you use either?

You can use either. The online one just gives you the option to install Secure Shopping, Internet Security Essentials and Dragon Browser. You can do all of those separately apart from ISE but that only ever worked with Internet Explorer.

Offline is just Firewall and Antivirus and what I prefer as for awhile the online installer triggered a PUP altert with Windows Defender (fusion.dll) some years ago. Just clicking Secure Shopping in CIS itself will download and install secure shopping.

Many thanks for your help. CIS Premium successfully downloaded and installed. (:CLP)