Is CIS fully protecting Win 7 64bit?

I am reading various posts how something in CIS doesn’t work under Win 7-64bit. So is CIS secure on 64bit systems or I should install ESET 4 antivirus, enable UAC and windows firewall to get better protection?

CIS 5 works fine on Win7 x64, Windows firewall and UAC disabled.

Sorry, I meant if it is secure, it can run OK, but some posts suggest that HIPS or other components of CIS5 are ineffective on Win 7-64bit.

Yep, I saw this post, I’d like to know about that from an admin.

As for ESET, it doesn’t have HIPS yet, so CIS has an advantage here.

I noticed CIS under 64 is unable to protect processes running under SYSTEM account from termination. For example, windows services.