IS cavs detection rate as good as otheres

HI there i have been looking at this program for a number of months now and was wondering is the detection rate as good as other free antivirus programs. and wont i get buged by the microsoft security center saying i don’t have a antivirus program. allso this program has been out i see for a number of years how come it is not microsoft security center compliant yet. seams to me its runing backwords in compatability. just curious somone give me some info.

There has been 25 views to this post and yet not a sing;e answere so i gues this product is defective or something no one answere my post how strange what kinda fourm is this i’m a lil disapointed. I would think after 25 views that somone would answere my question.

Sorry that one of the volunteers on these forums wasn’t on hand to provide an answer in the 12 hours between your first and second posts. :wink:

CAVS certainly doesn’t have the greatest detection rate - far from it in fact. This does not mean it is ineffective. CAVS has a third prevention layer, in addition to the more traditional detection and removal layers. Current AV test sites base their testing around detection and removal, and do not factor in whether the product can stop the infection getting into your system in the first place.

Please note this is not a criticism of their tests, merely that CAVS doesn’t completely conform to the traditional model.

I currently run CAVS2 on 45 nodes on a LAN I work on and have far less malware issues on these PCs than on the others, which run a much better known commercial AV. Others may not have this level of confidence, but I can only state what I know from experience.

It’s also worth noting that CAVS 2 is still a beta product.

Ewen :slight_smile:

As you can see from many sites, traditional signature based AVs are becoming less effective and will die out very soon. CAVS is one of a few that is already taking this new approach and if Comodos firewall is anything to go by, it will come out on top sooner or later.,18470405