Is CAVS Currently Stable?

Is CAVS Currently Stable? since it says BETA.

i am using CFP 2.4.

and whats the latest? is the one on the DL site latest beta? or the latest stable one?

mmm, so you’re asking about CFP or CAVS?
i’m using CAVS. the only prob is “can’t remove usb flash drive”. other than that CAVS is fine.
for Firewall, i think you should stick with CFP 2.4. it’s the most stable version.

the latest BETA is 3.0.9… (forgot the last number (:TNG) ) <==== (not the latest stable version).


am using CPF 2.4 currently with AVG Anti-Virus, was thinking of using CAVS instead

i think you should stick with AVG until CAVS 3 comes out. IMO (and others opinion too) the best free AVs
(based on detection rate) are avast,AVG, or Avira. i use CAVS coz it’s got HIPS.

I’ve just been through 5 days of CAV11 (and finding out 2 days ago that it was an unstable early beta - NOT THROUGH ANY NOTICE, BUT THROUGH A C PERSON ANSWERING A QUERY!) and installing CAV2 after reinstalling WinXPp and scraping 1.1 off it.


If CAV1.1 isn’t nuclear-bombware, I don’t know what is. THERE SHOULD BE A NOTICE ON THE COMODO.COM HOME PAGE SAYING


It is SHOCKING that Comodo treat 1.1 as a minor inconvenience!

CAV2 appears little better; IE6 is trying to bring up on another box as I type. S/Tray icons have failed to appear/start.

I will do everything I can conceive of with my clients and user groups to warn people off anything Comodo. I am utterly appalled.

[Why do I have to scroll back up the page when I preview this post? IE7 (:AGY)]

Wow. Just, wow.

Do you know what a beta is?

This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers (ONLY).

Noticed the all-caps? And that’s about v2 not v1.

Let’s be pals anyway. :slight_smile:

BETA is a term for “2 in 1 product” you know. you have the “product” & the “risk” bundled together, so make sure you read carefully the “BETA” term before deciding to install and don’t blame anybody (except someone force you to install it) and ofcourse you have this forum to ask for help ;D
:■■■■ joeBleau, cheers. we should all get along & be happy. it’s free anyway


Hi JoeBleau,

though CAVS 2 is a Beta I have not encountered anyone who seems to be having the problems you are having with it. When you re-installed XP Pro I assume you fully updated it before installing CAVS. Did you install any other security software prior to installing CAVS?
Did you try installing CAVS in safe mode?

I would like to try and work out why you are having these problems as I have installed CAVS 2 on many systems, even my XP Pro work system and it is working fine on all of them. Combining the pc’s I have installed it on along with those where people have installed in on my recommendation the figure probably comes to about 30 computers all using CAVS 2 without problems (apart from a glitch removing USB memory sticks).

Perhaps your event logs may also help figure out what is happening.


Hey JoeBleau,

I see you have posted on these forums 8 times, all of which were complaints about CAVS1.1 BETA. Am I correct in assuming when you asked for assistance with CAVS 1.1 BETA or tried to voice your concerns in a calm, logical manner, you were using a different login name?

If so, what was that other user name?

Ewen :slight_smile:

he did? nice. i should try it too ;D
i think it’s somewhat pathetic blaming something you’ve got for free.
if you go to a restaurant, pay for the food and it turns out the food is bad, you can blame the chef, but if someone put free foods on the table (download site) and you decide to use it on your own, then you 100% responsible for it. and the food is BETA anyway.

p.s. why i’m talking about food? coz my mom’s serving me a dish of special spicy fried rice with slices of cucumber, yummy. ;D


Given that your posts keep occurring in other users’ threads (where they are asking valid questions), we would request that you refrain from hijacking the threads to voice your complaints about CAVS 1.1. If you wish to begin a cooperative discussion regarding your issues with CAVS 1.1, and receive help regarding such, you may begin a new topic in the appropriate board (ie, if you do not want help, but only to offer constructive feedback, don’t post in the “Help” section of the CAVS boards).

As a side note, you have mentioned several times that there should be a warning on CAVS 1.1, and here you specifically refer to the Comodo download site for CAVS 1.1. CAVS 1.1 has not been hosted on the Comodo website for probably 6 months now; it was replaced with the much-improved 2.x release. I’m not sure where you downloaded CAVS 1.1 (or when), but I think that is a crucial point.

Thank you for your cooperation,



CAVS 2.x is, in my experience remarkably stable. This does not mean it has no issues; there are a number of problems with it. They are pretty much on the level with what ganda reports; moderate annoyances, but not system-crashing ones. Its detection capabilities are not on par with other major players (again, such as ganda listed).

These things will change, and the next version is promised to be much improved. Faster, lighter, stronger, more detections, new scan engine, BOC-integration, and so on. If you’re happy with AVG, I personally see no reason to switch. If you are not happy with AVG, or would simply like to see what CAVS is all about, then give it a whirl.

Be sure to uninstall AVG, and install CAVS, both in SafeMode (rebooting between).

Also please note that the caveat to trying CAVS is that, regardless how stable other users may find it, the “BETA” in its title delineates that the developers do not consider it to be a “code complete” final public release. They are choosing to release a stable Beta publicly to aid in feedback and helping develop the final product, and there are risks inherent in using such a product.


G’day ol’son.

First, the site’s a ‘forum’ where people have conversations about generally related topics. Have you never participated in a group conversation and not varied the general topic of chat - or do you first ask the agenda of the group and stick to only that? I think not. Let’s not be too precious about the nature of a forum.

It seems it’s too late for help with CAV1.1 - but note that my comments are most assuredly constructive: they’re there as a warning to anyone else who happens to browse through the place. There’s precious little warning anywhere obvious. Indeed, the Help section is where advice of all hues needs to lie, IMO. Why you would be wanting to obscure the information, I can’t quite imagine…

You’re ‘not sure’ where I got 1.1? I assume you mean you don’t know. I got it from a cover disc on an Australian IT magazine. Six security packages, it says - with graphics of boxed products. Similarly there’s a boxed product graphic on You know the impression that gives.

And in case there’s doubt about what the term ‘beta’ has been deprecated to mean, these days, have a look at this fairly prominent site:

Cheers, and goobye.

I can’t believe this guy is serious about comparing a frigging WEB app, that won’t execute anything your own browser won’t, and won’t ever never crash your computer, with a low-level app such a resident antivirus, that could easily crash or even damage it if something went wrong. This is unwarranted FUD, knowingly or not.

try Yahoo Messenger ;D

bye2 (:WAV) mr.Joe. (maybe he’s going to whack the australian IT magazine)

A bit late…

But that was really funny lol… Quite a laugh… Well CAVS 3 BETA isn’t too far away now, Melih said it shouldn’t be in BETA for long :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work Forum Moderators & Developers!


I tried it several months ago, and it wasn’t stable at all. After restarting my system prior to installation its real time active guard feature started blocking windows start up files, and when I tried to open CAVS to disable that feature, or add to safe list my computer would freeze up everytime.

I had to go into safemode and uninstall CAVS, then after words my system was normal again.

I really like the firewall, and I can’t wait to use CAVS but right now I’m reluctant to because of the problems I encountered last time, and it seems as if that problem is still around today even with the latest releases.

For now, I’ll stick to Avast Pro, and when CAVS 3 is released, I’ll gladly switch.

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