Is CAPICOM needed by CTM?

I installed CTM in a notebook double booting XP and Win7, already tried out almost everything including restoring to complete satisfaction, this software is really great!

I am trying to clean up a bit the XP part and found one of the latest MS updates dropped a certain CAPICOM software with its update. MS explains what CAPICOM is like this:


CAPICOM is a Microsoft® ActiveX® control that provides a COM interface to Microsoft CryptoAPI. It exposes a select set of CryptoAPI functions to enable application developers to easily incorporate digital signing and encryption functionality into their applications. Because it uses COM, application developers can access this functionality in a number of programming environments such as Microsoft® Visual Basic®, Visual Basic Script, Active Server Pages, Microsoft® JScript®, C++, and others. CAPICOM is packaged as an ActiveX control, allowing Web developers to utilize it in Web based applications as well.

I see no reason to keep it,but I am here to ask if by any chance it is a program needed by the Time Machine, in which instance I’d have to let it be.
I ask because I never saw it before installing the Machine, but I updated from MS almost at the same time.