Is BOClean compatible with my other Anti Virus?[resolved]

(R) Hi guys (:WAV) Before i install “BOClean” i need to know if it’s compatible with my “avast” Anti Virus program as I’ve heard (:NRD) that having more than one these types of programs installed and running in the back ground could cause problems on my system.

hi there Nosnibor (:WAV)
from what i’ve read, yes, you can use BOClean along with avast. in fact, BOClean is designed as your primary AV/AS backup. should them fail to catch the malware,BOclean will get the job done. :■■■■

Hi Nosnibor :slight_smile:

From my own experience ( see my sig below ) and from all the people I recommended this combo too, I can tell you that they work perfectly well together :wink:

Greetz, Red.

K Thanks to ya both :■■■■

ok, i’ll lock this topic then :slight_smile: