Is BOC no effective?

Where’s BOC’s an effectiveness of detecting threats?

"BOClean watches memory, registry, and the file system waiting for malware to load up and then shuts it down before they have a chance to operate” → is not true, not this time (:SAD)

BOC didn’t detect a trojan which modified my system registry and when it has accessed in memory.

Comodo AV also didn’t detect it. I sent the trojan to Comodo Lab yesterday and also an information about it here →;msg236104#msg236104, but still they (AV and BOC) can’t be done with it. Comodo slow react to new threats in my opinion.

Of course I deliberately installed that malware and i hadn’t any problems with it… I’ve tested BOC to another trojans and it hasn’t had a good effectiveness.


  1. that’s a rogue, not a trojan
  2. You need the signatures before you can detect it, how old was that rogue ?


  1. that’s a trojan downloader; the avira’s name of that is TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen
  2. how old was that rogue ? The rouge was active yesterday on this webpage That url is block now.

i don’t know how old is the trojan. Avira detected it → 2007-03-01 but i’ve not a certainty.
I checked the detected date here →

Where should i check that?

do you want i send that rogue by your e-mail?

It may be a trojan downloader that was also a rogue.

Could you PM it to me?

I sent it to you.

Please send it to me also, I will forward it to the developers.



OK, i sent it to you too.

PS Sorry guys for my bad english :wink:

This was my firts thought as well. I tested Comodo earlier with antispyware 2009 and Defense + blocked it

Hey, guys!

Thanks for nice words. :■■■■

But, seeing the first image I can see that Defense+ managed to intercept it. Did you try to block that rogue with Defense+ and see if it could still bypass it?

I agree with you guys Defense+ is great. I had no problems with terminated and blocked that rogue. I tested D+ of course. I used ‘Treat this application as: Isolated application’ and ‘Remember my answer’. Also i used "Active Prosess List’ to kill it and always D+ managed to intercept it.