Is Base Filtering Engine Required for COMODO Features?

There are some features in COMODO Firewall that I wasn’t sure about needing the Base Filtering Engine to function properly. Do the advanced options “Filter IPv6 Traffic, Filter Loopback Traffic, Block Fragmented IP Traffic, Do Protocol Analysis, and Enable anti-ARP Spoofing” need the Base Filtering Engine enabled? Also, does the “Website Filtering” feature need Base Filtering Engine enabled? Does anything in CIS 7 require the Base Filtering Engine?

BFE in Services shows no dependency for any Comodo process.

Okay cool, thanks for taking the time to confirm this.

Hi shoober420,
Two downsides that I can think of with disabling Windows BFE.
The traffic animation in Comodos widget and icon will cease.
It also stops the Windows firewall service, which is required for Win 8 metro apps to function or update correctly.

Kind regards.

That’s nice to know. Good thing I have traffic animation disabled and not using Windows 8.