Is anyone running a USB Freeview TV on USB with CPF v3?

Is anyone here running TV on USB or Internal Card in conjunction with CPF v3.

The TV is used mainly for News Broadcasts a couple of times per day and is usually watched in a 50 x 50mm square so as not to block out the whole screen. It is not of high priority. My TV Card is now long in the tooth and virtually unsupported by the vendor, I am looking to have the Freeview TV facility at the lowest possible price and desk conjestion. The currently available Freeview TV on USB seems the way to go and I am keen to upgrade to CPF v3. My current set up works fine but moving to CPF v3 causes the picture display to become erratic, even though every concievable setting has been made to ensure a free passage for both the hardware & software involved.

The Flashstick by Pinnicle carries its software on the USB and only requires plugging in to the machine and connecting the aerial, the software loads automatically. This can be moved between machines so an upcomming low end (previously owned) Notebook, to serve as a backup machine, could become a portable TV also.

Any advice on experience with this, or other ‘forward looking’ systems, will be gratefully received.

I am running XP Pro SP3, with admin rights and single PC on DSL line, my protection is listed in my signature below.


I’m currently running a Leadtek Winfast 2000 USB TV tuner and have no problems at all (other than burining direct to DVD, but that’s Leadteks problem, not CFPs).

The box running the TV card is a P4 2.6 with 512MB and 200GB (roughly 50% free) so its not a thoroughbred, by any means. Security software running concurrently with the tuner software is as follows;

CFP V3 (latest build)
CAVS Beta 2 (latest build)
CBOC (latest build)

and that’s it.

Out of curiousity, do you have an ATI video card? There have been quite a few issues (and not just with CFP) over a recent revision of the Catalyst drivers.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen

Thanks for your very prompt response, you may remember being among those here that helped me with the same problem when I first ran CPF and it is with the same card. I will be looking up Leadtek possibilities as they have not surfaced in my trawl for suitable products.

My PCI Card is the Hauppauge Win TV Nova T, the earlier of the two similarly named versions. Unfortunately this early version is not included in reasonably recent Drivers and Software packages. I think the second version of this card was a fairly major hardware upgrade and is still hanging in [just] with today’s Hauppauge front runners.

My processor is AMD Athlon 3200MHz, 1GB RAM, running in a partitioned HDD of 200GB it is running in 40GB with 65% free. No Data [not even email] is added to the partition and the Pagefile runs in a different partition. It is defragged daily.
In CPFv2.4 Activities>Connections the input can be seen as a very smooth flow alternating through the various ports. In CPFv3 Connections there are definite halts which seem to occur just as the ports switch. This happens regardless of settings even when they are too free and easy for normal firewall use. As set up originally [trying to manually copy across the settings from CPFv2.4 to CPFv3] blockages were being logged every few seconds. I do not know exactly what changes stopped the blockage reports but I think it was the ‘order’ in which changes were made rather than a simple additional alteration to the settings. A similar situation existed prior to the upgrade to XP Pro SP3, with all the releases of CPFv3 up to the current [I believe] version

The CPFv3 installs were clean and although not run extensively everything appeared to function properly on my machine with all versions. I should have mentioned previously that the kit sits behind a Router which like the TV Card is setup as a Trusted Network. The Nvidia 5700 FX Graphics Card has the latest Drivers and Software and I cannot think of anything else except the aging TV Card.

Seasons Greetings, best regards and thanks for your time.