Is "AntiSpam" compatible with my Anti Virus & Windows Live Mail?

(R) Hi guys (:WAV) Before I install “AntiSpam” i need to know if it’s compatable with “avast!” AntiVirus and my mail client “Windows Live Mail”?

Hi Nosnibor:

    I am very glad to tell you that Comodo AntiSpam could work well with "Avast!" AntiVirus personal Edition, and Windows Live Mail. But it could only supports POP/SMTP protocols and currently released Comodo AntiSpam could not grab accouts from  Windows Live Mail.
   "Avast!" AntiVirus premium Edition is not compatible with Comodo AntiSpam.


I’ve tried it with older versions of Avast but it seemed to have some effect on Avasts WebShield which kept crashing when I loaded Firefox.

Comodo Antispam works only with Windows Live Mail if you use something like Outlook or Thunderbird and download your emails using a POP3 account. I’ve personally not tried it with IMAP.

The good news is that a new version has recently gone under testing within Comodo (don’t know why there isn’t a beta) which may resolve any issues.

Doesn’t Windows Live Mail aready have a spam filter?