Is a good firewall still needed?

I don’t know if this is the correct place for this topic, so feel free to move it wherever you find it better.

CIS has always been a top choice because of its strong firewall (and as second top feature, for the strong HIPS).
Recently (since CIS 7 if I’m not wrong) in the default configuration (as well as in Chiron’s guide), the HIPS module is disabled by default because the auto-sandbox can do the job for most average users.
I personaly don’t agree, as I wrote here

, but this is just my personal opinion.

Now Comodo has released CCAV, a lightweight software with just cloud AV + sandbox + viruscope (behavior blocker).
So, does it mean that a good firewall is no longer needed?
If an average user decides to install CCAV, what’s the suggestion from Comodo?
To use Windows firewall, to download a third party firewall or not to use any firewall at all?

If in future CCAV comes with a firewall, maybe I’ll think to switch from CIS to CCAV. But right now I’ll keep CIS with firewall + HIPS + auto-sandbox + AV.

Thanks for sharing your ideas :slight_smile:

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Anyone wanna say something??? :slight_smile:

Hello Jon79,

Thank you very much for sharing your ideas. I think you are pointing a very important topic . Unlike CIS, CCAV is a lightweight solution for the users who would like to use Comodo Firewall or other third party firewall products seperately. In future , we may also have a seperate built as CCAV with Firewall but ofcourse this needs to be planned carefully.

Anyway, we are waiting for a wish report ( from your side if you think that we should also have a seperate built as CCAV with Firewall. :slight_smile: :-TU

Kind Regards

Hi BuketB,

thanks for your answer.

Actually, my wish was on the other way around, which means to have CIS without the signature-based AV rather than CCAV with FW :slight_smile:
But then I realized that we can already have CIS without the signature-based AV, we just have to install Comodo Firewall and it will come with FW + HIPS + Sandbox + Viruscope + Webfiltering + cloud analysis/AV.

I’d like to test this configuration, but since I have created several rules on both FW and Defense+ (and I’m lazy to create them again from scratch), I’m worry about exporting my settings from CIS and re-importing them to CFW…