Is a default Internet Security configuration enough?

Hello guys!

I am a new here and a new user of CIS v4.1.150349.920.

I used v.3 back in the past but it was too talkative so i decided to quit. I really like version 4.1 but i am a little confused. I remember that, regarding version 3, proactive configuration secured your computer the best and internet security wasn’t too secure.

My CIS is using default settings now (internet security), so should i switch to proactive or internet security is secure enough in cis 4.1?

Thank you very much for your answers.

“safe enough” is your decision.

i can say, i would never want to use a program in default settings.
as you want to protect your pc, you should use proactive mode. if the program is asking questions, it is working. after you answered them, it runs quiet. i dont see the problem.
whenever i found something that annoyed me, i tried to find a way to solve it another way. now i need just one click for any application, depending on its use, and it is running without any other question.

look through the settings, and you will find some points that answer your question about “safe enough”. enable as much as possible, and then you might be “safe as possible”… still doesnt mean automatically “enough”.

firewall: custom policy mode (only outgoing rules)
defense+: proactive mode (dont remember answers for explorer.exe! then you see each time when it tries to execute something. its a security feature.)
sandbox: (i use a real sandbox, so i disabled the light weight sandbox version of comodo)
antivirus: (i use another antivirus, because i miss some features in comodos)

Thanks for your answer, but i am not a total computer n00b but still not a computer savvy. So to answer questions like: explorer is a safe application but it wants to run something, do you allow, puzzle me.

So i want a good level of protection with less pop-ups. Searching the forum i read that in version 4 there is no big difference between internet security and proactive because internet security now also monitors almost the same as proactive. Is it true?

In all of my testing I have used stock configuration and have yet to infect a computer with CIS running. From what I can tell comodo is building CIS to be as strong as possible with stock configurations at well as be quiet and user friendly.

Thanks Languy! Yes, i watched all your reviews and they, frankly speaking, brought me here to try Comodo again.

So can I change back to Internet Security, because I switched to Proactive after the previous post?

Could you please explain me what is the difference now between proactive and internet security?

Thank you very much again

the important difference for me is this “explorer.exe tries to execute” question. it wasnt there when i tested internet security mode.
see it as a pre-question in front of the direct “…exe tries to” question. a bit more control about what happens, before it happens.

if i remember right, one test program was able to execute some “tests” without any question, if this explorer.exe question was not “enabled”. so i think its very usefull.