IRC Ports

How do you open up IDENT ports and DCC ports? This isn’t working too well with MIRC.


Just follow the instructions at the guide. You will find it here

I know that that’s already configured the firewall it self (comodo) is blocking those ports.
how do you unblock them?

I described that also. But here it is again:

Go at the “Network Monitor” panel.
There you should click with the right button of the mouse and choose “Add rule”->“add”
at the new window that appear you should put the following rule:

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP/UDP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Remote IP = your computers internal IP adress (you can also use “Any”, if you are using a modem and not a router; by this you won’t have to change the IP address every time you connect in internet )
Source port = Any
Remote port = “a single port”= X (if X=Y) (same with the port used at mirc)
Remote port = “A port range” = “Start Port” = X
“End Port” = Y (same with the ports used at mirc)

Then move this rule up, above the default “block IP in” rule.

Ok. I did that and I’m still not seeing the ports open.

The ports I need to open are IDENT and DCC

This is what I’m getting so far:

  • Looking up your hostname
  • Checking Ident

  • No ident response

  • Found your hostname

Is there any way I can tell this thing to allow MIRC to accept all traffic? both in AND out?


Hi robfwb.

I have done things a little differently with my configuration, but you are welcome to take a look at what works for me currently:

In Network Monitor create three rules:

Allow TCP OUT to ANY From ANY Source Port 1024-4999 Destination port 6660-6669 (Connection)
Allow TCP OUT to ANY From ANY Source Port (Enter here the port range you defined in MIRC) Destiantion Port ANY (This is for DCC)
Allow TCP IN From ANY to ANY Source Port ANY Destination Port 113 (IDENT)