IPs in Rules get reversed alternately (

IPs in Rules get reversed alternately ( each time Comodo starts. So the same applications ask for access again and again, since the original rules get corrupted.

It has been reported in CFP v3.0.7.208 Beta Bug Reports and confirmed.

Not if I try to set them right each time! (:NRD)

this bug never hit me but still I’m wondering. What cpu brand do you have?
is it an intel or an amd?

Yep I have the same so it sould not related to compiler optimizations.
I have xp sp2 fresh install too.

Ip are saved in the registry as text so It would be interesting to know if they are actually reversed there.
If you are willing to spend some time on it you could try to rename the two rule of a set appending a different letter to the rule descriptions like A for right ip and b for the reversed one.

Then all that needs to be done is to backup cpf3 registry settings and check the ip there.

If the ip are different in the registry too then it’s worth cecking if the ip are reversed every time a new firewall rule is created (so some backups during a cpf session is needed) or every time cpf is started without reboot.

EDIT: The issue seem to be likely the latter as reported by ramancars

So far the only ip i set in CPF3 belong to my network zones (firewall/common tasks) and I use them in the rules by means of a dropdown list.

My IP’s (+port)are in firewall advanced (network security policy)
I took the IP mark one (a right) and the other (b wrong)
I rebooted my computer and (a right) became and (b wrong) became this happens each time I reboot they both reverse.
I checked in the registry and the description is correct not reversed but the IP’s where the same as in Comodo’s Network Security Policy.
They are not reversed when you make a new firewall rule only when you reboot therefore you have to make a new rule for the same IP (two for each IP)
Reading your post again I had missed this (or every time cpf is started) so I shutdown CPF four times and restarted it and yes the rules changed every time so you do not need to reboot.
Also checked the registry stopping CPF does not change only when you restart CPF do they change in the registry.

As soon as I got that I was affected by this bug too I ran some tests to atone my sins. :stuck_out_tongue:
Every now and then I was not able to surf the Internet. In these cases I simply closed and restarted CPF.
I incorrectly assumed that reversed IP were left reversed by cpf.
So when I checked My network zones when I was able to connect I assumed I was not affected by the IP reversal bug because the addresses were right. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tested my CPF registry registry keys and I can confirm that some IPs are reversed every CPF launch.
My network zone groups registry entry were written reversed in the registry every even CPF launch.

But I had also a single non grouped host address in My blocked this addres was reversed in the registry when I closed cpf.

Why Does cpf.exe read V3 settings from [b]HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations[/b] and then deletes them?
After cpf.exe deleted its registry keys then recreate them but reverses many IPs.

Something like this happens when closing cpf but only for some keys I guess.