IProblems detected in Comodo

My comodo firewall was running alright, but just in case I decided to do diagnostics and it detected problems with my installation and it repaired them.After I rebooted I did the diagnostics again and this time it didn’t detect any problems.

After a week later I decided to do the diagnostics to make sure Comodo is running fine.And again it found problems with my installation.

Any way to resolve this problem. :-TU


What was the error that was found by the giagnostic utility?
Also, was it the same error both of the times?


It didn’t report any errors, it said ‘problems with my installation’.It says the same thing when ever I do the diagnostics.

I had the same when I upgraded from the previous (I forgot the version) to the one I’m currently using:

But since I nLite’d XP, no problems.

The only suggestion I have is to clean re-install CFP.