I uploaded file ipchanger.exe and got answer.

Reported False-Positive Can Not Be Processed: ipchanger.exe (SHA1:ff2dc103a9fd5604ccdd93a5de9284cdfe74def0)

This is to inform you that we have scanned ipchanger.exe (SHA1:ff2dc103a9fd5604ccdd93a5de9284cdfe74def0) with latest antivirus
database version 2112 of Comodo Internet Security Version
3.11.108364.552 and have not found this file being detected.

Please check again. If the problem u found, occurs again, Please report
in comodo forum with more details that you can give about the detection
such as screenshot of the detection, your operating system, etc.

Forum link:

Chandra Mohan G
Comodo Anti-Virus Lab.

I checked again and it is still detected.

  1. CPU Athlon 64 X2 4600+
  2. Windows XP pro, service pack 3, 32 bit
  3. CIS 3.11.108364.552
  4. Antivirus - default settings
  5. Firewall - custom policy mode
  6. Defense+ - clean PC mode
  7. Administrator account

Virus database 2114

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Hi MJ.nfl,

We are going to investigate this situation and will get back to you.

Erik M.


The sample submitted is a component used frequently in certain types of malware, therefore it is detected for it has a high potential of risk.
We recommend its removal from your system, if not, you can add it to your exclusion list.

Thank you,
Sonia Botezatu.

What component?

It is batch file converted to exe with software “Bat_To_Exe_Converter”

Hi MJ.nfl ,

This type of conversion is used on a large scale by malware writers to build their applications. The mentioned program in particular was used to create an impressive number of trojans (including bankers, proxies, downloaders and others), therefore detection was added for this type of files. Any user who create such files on his own, can add them to exclusion list.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks for reply