IP connections, and difference between Proactive and Firewall protection :o

Hello. Im new in the forums, and i have couple noobish questions about your awesome firewall.

#1. How i can track down malicious IP adresses, or how i know which one of them is malicious. There are lots of IP´s for svchost.exe and firefox, but i dont know which one of them is bad and which is needed ???
My firewall always asks about this svchost.exe as “web browser” (Shows as UPD out). I have done scans with Avast, malwarebytes, SAS and A-squared in safe mode, and they found nothing, so i guess that its not keylogger etc. :smiley:

#2. What about Proactive and Firewall security modes? Which one is better and more secure? What are the differences between these settings like internet security, antivirus security and specially between proactive and firewall security??
When i did the leak test with firewall security - mode, it gave me score 320/340. With Proactive it was full 340/340! How?

Thank you. I wish someone could quickly answer to me, specially to question #2 :slight_smile:

Hey someone help me. Which one should i use? ProActive - or Firewall protection mode, when i have Avira as anti-virus and Comodo as firewall.

Hello and welcome to the forum. If you are asking about whether or not to use Defense+ I would advise using it. Most of the zero day malware is not detected by traditional antiviruses until it is already too late.

Avira is a very good AV, but Defense+ will stop the file whether it is detected as Suspicious or not. The downside is that you will be warned for every file that is not already in Comodo’s extensive white-list. Personally I do not think that the current firewall is too talkative, but if it is you can always choose to disable it at a later time.

Proactive Security is the most secure of the options. I would advise using either Proactive Security or Internet Security. Since you are using Avira, which is currently a better AV than CAVS, I would advise that you disable the antivirus as it is a bad idea to run two AV’s at the same time.

The different types of configurations are discussed in this thread https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t45603.0.html

If this did not answer your question then please respond and someone will attempt to help.